Denise Lawrence – The Gita Decoded40 Videos

22 BGD The Ruler of the City of Nine Gates

22nd in the TV series The Gita Decoded. What is the City of Nine Gates and how to become its ruler. This episode also explores the nature of God and your own nature.

34 BGD Liberation and Liberation in Life

34th Episode in the tV series The Gita Decoded. This Episodes explores the two goals of Raja Yoga. Either you choose to return to Nirvana, or you choose the attain the Satopradhan State and incarnate at the beginning of the new creation.

38 BGD How Do You Know What is Right?

38th Episode in the TV Series The Gita Decoded. Chapter 10 of the Gita takes up the question „How do you know what is right?“ in various areas of life.

24 BGD You are Your Own Best Friend or Worst Enemy

24th in the TV series The Gita Decoded. Chapter 6 is the origin of the famous saying You are your own Best Friend, or You are your own World Enemy. We also explore how pain is a great teacher that helps you become complete again.

37 BGD Perform All Karma in Yoga

37th in the TV series The Gita Decoded. Chapter 9 of the Gita reveals the secret knowledge of how to rule. The key is to remain always in yoga with God while performing any acts of mind, word, or deed.