Denise Lawrence – The Gita Decoded40 Videos

24 BGD You are Your Own Best Friend or Worst Enemy

24th in the TV series The Gita Decoded. Chapter 6 is the origin of the famous saying You are your own Best Friend, or You are your own World Enemy. We also explore how pain is a great teacher that helps you become complete again.

37 BGD Perform All Karma in Yoga

37th in the TV series The Gita Decoded. Chapter 9 of the Gita reveals the secret knowledge of how to rule. The key is to remain always in yoga with God while performing any acts of mind, word, or deed.

15 BGD Awareness and Memory

15th Episode in the series The Gita Decoded. This is the synopsis of Chapter Three of the Gita. This chapter has a strong Vedic influence which is explored with particular reference to how to maintain spiritual consciousness which engaged in pure action.

26 BGD Beyond Profound Pain and Sorrow

26th in the TV series The Gita Decoded. This Episode explores a deep stage of meditation, detachment from the body that brings the yoga practitioner into the experience of union with the divine.

16 BGD Yoga of Renunciation of Unwise Action

16th episode in the TV series The Gita Decoded. Details of Karma – pure, impure and neutral are explored. We look at the comparison and contrast between Brahma Kumaris interpretation and traditional explanations.

27 BGD No Effort Goes to Waste

27th in the TV series, The Gita Decoded. This episode is a synopsis of Chapter 6 of the Gita. It emphasises a steady stable focused mind, self control and self restraint and encourages you to keep courage.